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Occlusal Analysis

Restore Your Bite & Treating Your Whole Mouth in Los Angeles

At Dental Arts of Beverly Hills, we utilize the finest technology to accurately perform occlusal analysis in Beverly Hills. Occlusion is the way our teeth come together when we bite. A properly functioning bite is important for your oral health because a bite that’s well-balanced supports development of healthy jaw muscles and TMJ ligaments.

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Dr. Dayan will evaluate your occlusion to provide treatment options to fit your unique needs.

Good oral health doesn’t just naturally occur; it takes effort. Patients who have poor occlusion can suffer from periodontal problems, broken or chipped teeth, clicking, loose teeth, excessive wear and movement of teeth, unstable supporting structures, and chewing difficulties.

How We Determine the Treatment You Need

Our reliable dental team can perform occlusal analysis to determine if our patients have any bite issues that they may be unaware of. If you suffer from poor occlusion, we can establish which of the underlying causes are to blame.

Bite problems are usually caused by:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Bruxism, clenching, or occlusal trauma
  • Unrestored or missing teeth
  • Uneven skeletal jaw growth
  • Overcrowded teeth
Once we have determined what the exact problems are, we can perform an occlusal adjustment. This is the process whereby the occluding surfaces of the teeth are reshaped to improve the bite. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Dayan, cares about your teeth’s aesthetic and functional capabilities. We always strive to give our patients their best shot at long-term dental health!

To learn more about poor occlusion and how our Los Angeles dentist conducts an accurate occlusal analysis,

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