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As one of the leading dentists in Beverly Hills, Dr. Dayan is noted for his ability to provide quality dental implants and cosmetic dental care. He is known for being one of the youngest attendees in the history of University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry and he graduated with honors in 1988.

Dr. Dayan's certifications include:

  • AAFE - American Academy of Facial Esthetics
  • International Association for Orthodontics
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • American Association for Functional Orthodontics
  • Health TAP - Top Cosmetic Dentist in California, Winter 2013

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Dr. Dayan and his team are committed to providing extraordinary dental services.

As a fully trained and certified CEREC 3D practitioner, Dr. Dayan utilizes the most modern technology to fabricate dental onlays, veneers, and same day CEREC crowns and can do all procedures in one appointment thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Dayan has received certifications from the California Implant Institute for his skilled advanced surgical placements and restorations of:

  • Bone grafting
  • Dental implants
  • Veneers
  • Same day CEREC crowns

Additionally, Dr. Dayan is certified in TMJ therapy using Botox treatments and orthodontics. Our experienced dentist is well-versed in cosmetic rehabilitation and mouth reconstruction, utilizing aesthetic modalities and implants in modern dentistry.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Dayan and our entire staff are dedicated to giving you the smile that you’ve been dreaming of and we guarantee that you can receive responsive and compassionate dental care. We take the time to address all of your concerns until you feel fully assured. We want you to feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe when you are in our care, which is why our team strives to treat you like family. At Dental Arts of Beverly Hills, our philosophy is to create strong, long-lasting relationships with our patients that’s based on trust and top quality dental care. We do everything we can to provide extraordinary dental services and remarkable results!

Extraordinary Experience.
Remarkable Results.

Why Choose Dental Arts of Beverly Hills?

We Think Outside the Box.

Dental Arts of Beverly Hills provides state-of-the-art dental solutions uniquely designed to each patients’ specific needs.

Quality Work that Lasts

Our founding hygienist has truly mastered the art of general, cosmetic, restorative, reconstructive, and orthodontic dental care.

One-on-One Treatment

We see one patient at a time to ensure that everyone enjoys the ultimate dental experience at our practice.

Loved by Our Patients

Individuals throughout Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have become long-time patients.

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