Smile Rejuvenation

Smile Rejuvenation at Dental Arts of Beverly Hills

Before you book that consultation with a plastic surgeon, you may want to schedule an appointment at our office first. You may be very surprised at the results that smile rejuvenation can make in your look, and outlook.

The Effects of Tooth Wear

Teeth naturally wear down with age, and this shortening of the teeth makes your upper and lower jaws move closer together when at rest. As a result, your nose and chin are closer together as well, which compresses your lower face. When this happens, your lips and cheeks may look collapsed, and wrinkles form around your mouth. If you also have bruxism, your teeth can wear even faster than they would during the normal aging process. This condition is characterized by teeth grinding, often at night, and can make you look old before your time. Worn or damaged teeth not only affect your appearance, but they also contribute to an improper bite. Teeth that do not meet properly when you bite make eating difficult, and they also lead to more episodes of unconscious teeth grinding, creating a vicious cycle of improper oral functioning and bruxism.

Non-Surgical Facelift and Smile Rejuvenation

In cases of worn teeth, a few simple dental procedures can make you look as if you’ve had a facelift. By restoring the length of your teeth and ensuring that they are properly aligned when you bite and chew, the collapsed appearance of your lower face will disappear. Not only will your lips and cheeks appear fuller and more youthful with the right support, but your bite will also feel more comfortable and function optimally.

your smile rejuvenation will not only improve the appearance of your facial structure but also turn back the clock by giving you a bright smile, and more youthful looking teeth.

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