Our Beverly Hills orthodontics expert Dr. Dayan is proud to offer orthodontic procedures as a fundamental component of the extreme makeover.

Dr. Dayan also provides orthodontics for children to ensure a healthy occlusion through adolescence and into adulthood. At Dental Arts of Beverly Hills, functional orthodontics for children can be employed to properly close up the bone structure of the mouth and treat damaging habits such as tongue thrusting and thumb or finger sucking. Transitional orthodontics can also be used to align malpositioned teeth. For aesthetics, we offer tooth-colored braces that will never change color. Orthodontics with Dr. Dayan can help you or your child achieve a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

For adults, Dr. Dayan at Dental Arts of Beverly Hills uses orthodontics to alleviate crowding, improve bone support (periodontia), and improve overall esthetics for extreme makeover patients. For crowding and gaps, fixed braces are usually the treatment of choice. However, in minor cases, a removable appliance may be used. Once the teeth are properly aligned, a retainer is worn to hold the teeth in the correct position.

Dr. Dayan has not only treated many satisfied patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, but boasts many thrilled clients from all over the globe! His approach to orthodontics focuses on quick and effective procedures. With his advanced skill, orthodontic treatments are surprisingly fast, allowing you to enjoy your new smile as soon as possible. If you live in Beverly Hills, Greater Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the world, and would like to learn how orthodontics can be employed for your extreme makeover, contact our Beverly Hills office today!