Children’s Dentistry – Pedodontics

The sooner a child begins to learn about dental health, usually around the age of four, the better. We offer every possible means of oral treatment, maintenance, and prevention for the care of your child. Dr. Dayan offers consulting to expecting mothers on the safest types of bottle pacifiers. He also discusses proper care of the infant’s oral cavity until the child is ready to see us.

Once children begin regular dental visits, we provide fluoride treatment to prevent cavities, oral hygiene instructions to better clean the teeth and gums, sealants to prevent cavities, orthodontic consultations, and a variety of restorative procedures. We also help children discontinue tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. Dr. Dayan and his caring staff work incredibly well with children. We know how to satisfy their special needs and keep them happy. To set your child on a path to proper dental health, contact Dr. Dayan today. We look forward to meeting you and your family.